Friday, August 20, 2010

KalimNews: Kalimpong Press Club  was reconstituted in the Annual General Meeting of the club held today and the following members were elected as Office bearers for the next two years.President-Arun Kumar Rasaily: Vice President-Samten Kabo: Secretary-Arun kr.Rai: Asst. Secretary-Pradip Lohagun: Treasurer- Sujan Siral: Asst. Treasurer-Mani Tamang: Executive Members- Shanti Thatal, Manoj Rai, Kishore Bantawa and  Sekhar Subba: 
Working Committee-Coordinator-Hira Chhetri: Members-D.K.Waiba and Samiran Paul, Legal Advisor- Pravakar Dewan: Chief Advisor- P.R.Pradhan: Advisors- Kumar Chhetri, B.K.Shilal, K.P.Gautam, Sanjay Mintri, Suman Gurung and Zion Lepcha.
In the meeting reports were presented and amendments in the Bye-Laws were made and  future plans were shorted out. Membership to two new members were granted in the meeting. Mr. N.P. Thapa , Manager of Sunakhari Samachar was the Chief Guest and Mr. Zion Lepcha was the Election Officer while Pradip Lohagun conducted the meeting.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Presently the Office bearers of the Club are as follows:
President: Mr.Arun kr. Rasaily (Sunakhari Samachar, AIR),
Vice President: Mr. Samten Kabo (Sunakhari Samachar and Kalimpong Online News),
Secretary: Mr.Arun Kr. Rai (Kalimpong Online News),
Asst. Secretary: Mr. Pradip Lohagun( News 7) ,
Treasurer:Mr. Sujan Siral
Asst. Treasurer: Mr. Mani Tamang (News 7)
Executive Members: Mr. Kishore Bantawa (News 7), Mrs. Shanti Thatal (News 7), Mr. Manoj Rai(News 7), Mr. Shekhar Subba(HC)
Advisors: Mr. P.R.Pradhan (Chief), Kumar Chhetri, Mr. Basant kr Shilal, Mr. Sanjay Mintri, Mr. K.P.Gautam, Mr. Zion Lepcha and Mr. Suman Gurung,
Legal Advisor: Mr.Prabhakar Dewan (Sr. Advocate and an Associate Life Member)
Working Committee members: Mr. Hira Chhetri (Chief) (Kalimpong Online News, Prawah, Free Lancer), Mr. Samiran Paul (Photographer- Kalimpong News) and Mr. D.K.Waiba (Sunakhari Samachar, News 7).

Other field journalist members:
Mr.Rudra Karki (Himalaya Darpan-Gorubathan), Mr.Prabin Ch. Rai (News 7) and Mr.Mahesh Rai (News 7)
Associate Members:
Mr. Ujjwal Prakash Bomjan, Mr. Sitaram Kafley (Free Lancer), Mr. Rajen Chhetri (Videographer), Mr. Paras Sharma, Mr. Kalyan Thapa, Mr. Ram Kishan Mittal, Mr.Sahadeo Giri and Mr. Pradip Sharma.
Life Members:
Mr. Girish Kaul, Mr. Ashish Subba, Mr. Rohit kr. Gupta, Mr. Mohan Shamsher Pradhan, Mr. Dhendup Bhutia, Mrs. Jyoti Karkee, Mr. Mohan Khanna and Mrs.Tara Lohar Lepcha .
The members of KALIMPONG PRESS CLUB pay membership fee and also contribute for special donation drive to meet the expenditures of the Club.Contributions and donations are also collected from the wellwishers of KPC for organising special programmes.
It has an account in Axis Bank Ltd in Kalimpong with the A/c no. 594010200001311.
KalimNews: Kalimpong's only news based popular Channel Dainandini celebrated its 2nd Anniversary today. Pannu Lucksom a renowned Audio and Video professional and expert of Kalimpong was the Chief Guest of the Programme. In the presence of an audience representing different NGOs, Political parties, Organisations and the Press fraternity the channel was renamed CHANNEL 7.
Suraj mani Pradhan was the master of the ceremony held in Worship Center near the New Bus Stand at Kalimpong. Munnu Gautam, Ming Liwang, Pravakar Dewan and Jyoti Karki exchanged their views and comments on the News programme of Dainandini. 
Pix:1. Board Members of Dainandini    2. Pannu Lucksom, Chief Guest inaugurating News 7 and 3 Lucksom inaugurating the programme.- All Pix: Samten Kabo

11th Foundation Day and National Press Day Observed in Kalimpong - Golay awarded Kaleybung Ratna Puraskar
KalimNews, Kalimpong 16th Nov: Mr. Lalit Golay a renowned film and video actor, comedian, story writer, lyricist and director  was honoured with 2nd Kaleybung Ratna Puraskar for his contribution in the field of Film and Video by Kalimpong Press Club. During the closing of the Club’s 10th foundation day and on the occasion of 11th Foundation day and National Press Day Celebration at Ramkrishna  Rangamanch Golay was honoured with a silver memento and a citation . Ecotourism and Neora Valley National Park by Sahadeo Giri the Club felicitated the Kumudini Homes and Jubilee High Schools of Kalimpong which celebrated Platinum and Rockvale Academy and Mt. Carmel School celebrated Silver Jubilee this year. Dr.G.C.Subba Director of Medicinal and Other Plantation, Chief Guest of the programme also launched Kalimpong News a blog site of news administered by the Club having the address
Wifred Singh was also felicitated for his best caption "Human hive" for the Caption Contest held during the Photography exhibition -Colour of Nature. 
Eminent Citizens’ debate on the topic “Indian Gorkhas are facing identity crisis” was also organized on the day. For the motion debators Rajen Bnerjee, Hari Psd Adhikari, Dilip Bhujel and Dinesh Ch Poudel participated while Santosh Adhikari, C.B.Chhetri, Dilip Pradhan and Bal kr. Sharma took part in the debate against the motion. The team for the motion was declared winner while Santosh Adhikari was adjudged the best speaker.

The award was sponsored by the family of late D.D.Rai of Gorubathan and in the programme it was announced that from the next year the award will be sponsored by Capt P.M.Pradhan, Principal of Rockvale Academy in memory of his late father B.B.Pradhan.
It is reminded that last year Mr. Manoj Dahal, Mount Everest Climber, Mr. Bharat Chhetri, National Hockey player and Dr. Mikthuk S. Foning, an eminent Horticulturist were honoured with first ever Kaleybung  Ratna Puraskar and Kalimpong Press Club organised a year long programme like Senior Citizens' Quiz competition, Chess Competition, Photography exhibition, Seminar on Human Trafficking in collaboration with I&C dept, 3 day Workshop on Journalism on the occasion of its completion of tenth year of establishment. 
am{ï´>¶ àog {Xdg A{Z EKmõm¢ ñWmnZm {Xdg nmbZ H$mbo~wL>aËZ nwañH$maÛmam H$bmH$ma b{bV Jmobo {d^y{fV 
H$mbo~wL> 16 Zmo^oå~a… AmâZmo 11-Am¢ ñWmnZm {Xdg A{Z am{ï´>¶ àog {XdgH$mo Adga‘m H$mbo~wL> àog ³b~bo AmO ¶hm±H$mo Q>mCZ hb‘m ECQ>m g‘mamohH$mo Am¶moOZm Jè¶mo& Cº$ H$m¶©H«$‘H$mo ‘w»¶ AmH$f©UH$mo ê$n‘m JV df©Xo{I ewé J[aEH$mo H$mbo~wL>aËZ nwañH$ma àXmZ g‘mamoh ahoH$mo {W¶mo OgAÝVJ©V Zonmbr Mb{MÌ {dH$mgH$mo {Xem‘m ¶moJXmZ nwè¶mEa AmBaho~mnV² H$bmH$ma b{bV JmobobmB© gmo nwañH$maÛmam {d^y{fV J[a¶mo& 
H$m¶©H«$‘H$m ‘w»¶ A{V{W VWm {gÝH$moZm {ZX}emb¶H$m {ZX}eH$ S>m. Or. gr. gwã~mH$mo ~mhþbr~mQ> H$bmH$ma JmobobmB© A“dó, àepñV nÌ A{Z H$mbo~wL>aËZ nwañH$maH$mo aOVnQ> àXmZ J[aEn{N> ñWmZr¶ {d{eï> ì¶{º$Ëdhê$bo n{Z nwañH¥$V ì¶{º$ËdbmB© gå‘mZ OZmE& X¡ZpÝXZr g‘mMma À¶mZbÛmam ñWmZr¶ ñH$mB©ñ³¶mZ ³¶m~b‘m’©$V² OrdÝV àgmaU J[aEH$mo H$m¶©H«$‘bmB© gå~moYZ JX£ H$bmH$ma Jmobobo AmâZ¡ ì¶dñWmH$mo AZwnpñW{V‘m AmO ñWmZr¶ H$bmH$mahê$ {d{^Þ ‘m¡H$m~mQ> Mw³Zwn[aahoH$mo AZw^d nmoIo A{Z H$mbo~wL> àog ³b~bo àXmZ JaoH$mo nwañH$ma àmá Jaon{N> Am’y$bmB© hfm©Zw^d ^EH$mo OZmE& 

CZbo Am’y$bmB© ¶g bm¶H$ ~Þ‘m ໶mV Zonmbr Mb{MÌ {ZX}eH$ Vwbgr {K{‘aoH$mo A{dñ‘aUr¶ ¶moJXmZ ahoH$mo ~VmC±X¡ ¶gH$m gmW¡ AmâZmo n[admaH$m gXñ¶hê$ Y‘©nËZr a gwnwÌrH$mo n{Z AdXmZ ahoH$mo OZmE&
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    H$m¶©H«$‘‘m boIH$-g‘mbmoMH$-nÌH$ma S>m. hH©$~hmXþa N>oÌrbo n{Z gå~moYZ JX£ ‘ybV… VH©$g^mH$mo {df¶dñVw VWm {M•mar~mao g§{já dº$ì¶ noe Jao& gånyU© H$m¶©H«$‘H$m {d{^Þ ^mJbmB© grVmam‘ H$mâbo, S>r. Ho$. dmB~m, Om¶Z boßMm A{Z H$ë¶mU Wmnmbo g#mmbZ JaoH$m {WE ^Zo ‘w»¶ g#mmbH$H$m ê$n‘m hram N>oÌr ahoH$m {WE&                                          ¶g df© ñdJu¶ XodXÎm amB©H$mo nwʶñ‘¥{V‘m àm¶moOZm J[aEH$mo H$mbo~wL>aËZ nwañH$mabmB© aH$^ob AH$mX‘rH$m àYmZmܶmnH$ H$ámZ àH$me‘{U àYmZbo AmJm‘r df©Xo{I {Z¶{‘V  ê$n‘m AmâZm {XdL²>JV {nVm ^mZw^º$ àYmZH$mo Zm‘‘m àXmZ JZ} KmofUm n{Z ¶g¡ {XZ J[a¶mo& H$mbo~wL> àog ³b~bo H$ámZ àYmZH$mo Cº$ CXmaVmH$mo {ZpåV hm{X©H$ H¥$VkVm n{Z àH$Q> Jè¶mo&
    ¶gar Z¡ ³b~H$m g^mn{V Aê$U Hw$‘ma agmBbrbo JV df©Xo{I nmbZ J[a±X¡ AmBahoH$mo H$mbo~wL> àog ³b~H$mo Xgm¢ df©Jm±R>H$mo g‘mamoh AmOH$mo H$m¶©H«$‘H$mo Am¶moOZm{gV¡ g‘mnZ ^EH$mo KmofUm JaoH$m N>Z²&
C„oIZr¶ N>, H$mbo~wL> àog ³b~bo JV df©H$mo Zmo^oå~a ‘hrZmXo{I AmâZmo Xgm¢ df©Jm±R>H$mo Cnbú¶‘m d[að> ZmJ[aH$hêH$mo hm{Oar Odm~ à{V¶mo{JVm, ‘mZd VñH$ar‘m{W AÝVa{H«$¶m, ñd0 XmoOu {N>[aL> ñ‘maH$ Iwbm Mog à{V¶mo{JVm, nÌH$m[aVm {df¶‘m{W VrZ {Xdgr¶ H$‘©embm Am{XH$mo Am¶moOZm JaoH$mo {W¶mo ^Zo A~Cgmo à˶oH$ df© H$mbo~wL>aËZ nwañH$ma àXmZ J[aZo A{Z ñd0 XmoOu {N>[aL> Iwbm Mog à{V¶mo{JVm Am¶moOZm J[aZo O‘H$m} H$goH$mo N>& ¶gar Z¡ AmJm‘r df© ³b~bo AmâZm gånyU© g‘mO‘wIr J{V{d{Yhê$H$mo gL²>H$bZH$mo ê$n‘m ñ‘m[aH$m àH$m{eV JZ} {ZU©¶ {bEH$mo N>& 
Umesh Tamang

N.R.PRADHAN, Chief Guest inaugurating the Exhibition

Pix: D.K.Waiba & Samiran Paul
KalimNews, Kalimpong, 10 Sept 09: The beauty of Kalimpong and nature was presented by Samten Kabo in Kalimpong today through his photo images. Speaking to an audience at Ramkrishna Rangamanch in Kalimpong Chief Guest Nava Ratna Pradhan principal of SUMI who inaugurated the show Colour of Nature said that Samten’s photography is an example of his hard work and consistency to photography.
The photographic exhibition was inaugurated with a word of prayer by Reverend Mathias Subba who emphasized that God’s beautiful creation is manifested through Samten’s images. Sam Modest a photographer by hobby and a visitor from the states, the Guest of Honour of the occasion said in his message on photography that Samten’s images have the best combination of colour and light. Umesh Tamang conducted the programme while A.K.Rai introduced Samten to the audience and Hira Chhetri higlighted the importance of the Exhibition and Press Club's Yearlong programme in the Three days’ exhibition organized by Kalimpong Press Club started from today till 12th of September.
Samten is an amateur self taught freelancer who is photojournalist of Sunakhari Samachar a Nepali daily with 8 years of experience in this field. He started photography in 2001with Minolta 370X an analog Camera and later withNikon F65, In 2005 he bought SLR Nikon D50 and now using Nikon D40X and Coolpix S10 all digitals
His photos are published in the magazines like “Better Photography”, “Smart Photography” and “Asian Photography”.
In June 2007 his photo “Ecstasy” was selected for 10 best images of the year in Better Photography. In April 2008 Smart Photography (national magazine) featured him in the “Kaleidoscope” section and rewarded him an Epson photo printer.

Even today they use his images for magazine with his prior consent. Photo sites like has presented him 81Awards through 7Contest Medals and 21Group Contest Medals in the website. His photos are available in the,, and Several pictures were sold and booked for sale on the very first day of exhibition.
Kalimnews, Kalimpong, 23 Aug : 27 would be Journalists completed a three days’ workshop organized by Kalimpong Press Club. Certificates were distributed to the participants of the workshop by Alvin Lama, Director of Good Shepherd Institute of Hospitality Management on 23rd August during the closing ceremony of the Workshop in Sub Divisional Library. Several speakers spoke on the success of the programme.

It is recalled that three day long Workshop on Journalism was inaugurated at Sub-Division Library on 20 August. The function was attended by Captain (Retd) Prakash Mani Pradhan, Director, Rockvale Academy as chief guest who congratulated Kalimpong Press Club, the organizer of the workshop for holding the programme and viewed that it was not only the responsibility of the Club to organize such society oriented programmes but also the duties of concerned citizens to act for the cause of the society. He also appealed the youths of the hills to concentrate in specialized fields of report writing and make efforts to expose themselves in the national mainstream journalism. Alvin Lama, Director, Good Shepherd Institute of Hospitality Management also echoed Pradhan’s view and said that the media personnels should guide the society in time of the need. The inauguration session was also addressed by Moti Prashad Sharma, senior journalist and Samsher Ali a prominent social activist.
In the afternoon session Kumar Chhetri, Ex-Professor, Kalimpong College addressed the trainee journalists who had come from all walks of the sub-division. In his session Chhetri gave basic concept of the journalism while Punu Lucksom, Audio-Video Engineer delivered speech on the technical prospects in the media particularly pertaining to photography and videography.
All the thirty participants were imparted with various useful training ranging from the subjects like field journalism, regional journalism, electronic media and web media, legal aspects of the journalism by resource persons including free lancer Hira Chhetri, President of Sikkim Press Association Parasmani Dangal, Photo Journalist from Guwahati Nanda Kirati Dewan and Senior Advocate and Secretary, Kalimpong Bar Association Prabhakar Dewan. Executive Member of Kalimpong Press Club Kalyan Thapa presented the paper on behalf of Web Journalist Barun Roy.
According to Umesh Tamang, Co-ordinator of the Workshop, the last day’s session included field training for which all the participants were divided into different groups of three members each and assigned to undergo practical training for about three hours. On completion of all the sessions the participants were awarded certificates of merit during the closing ceremony, he added. Tamang has expressed thankfulness to all the concerned personalities and organizations of Kalimpong who came forward to extend possible assistance to the Club in organizing the programme.
It may be recalled that Kalimpong Press Club organized the three day long Workshop on Journalism as a part of monthly programmes on its completion of ten years of existence. The club has decided to organize various programmes throughout the year 2009 to commemorate the occasion. It has also organized Quiz of Senior Citizens, Chess Tournament etc. in recent past.

On behalf of the Kalimpong Press Club, a registered body formed by the journalists of Kalimpong Sub-Division, I would like to apprise you about the followings for your kind consent, comment, advices, cooperation and perusal.
1. Kalimpong Press Club has intended to exercise the right to information and share the same to the public through different media.
2. The Club has and is organising interaction programme for the social, moral well being and awakening of the people of Kalimpong. So far it has organised Interactions in the name of Sajha Munch in the following subjects like Police public relation, Role of NHPC and environmental disaster, Role of media in the local perspective, Decline in the use of Nepali literature and language, Identity of Gorkhas in the eyes of Gorkhas and Non-Gorkhas, Is Bundh the only solution of a problem? Present Examination Conduction System and National Relevance of the Demand of Gorkhaland in the Political Context.
It has also started felicitating prminent personalities with Kaleybung Ratna Puraskar Award from 2008. Mr. Manoj Dahal, Mount Everest Climber, Mr. Bharat Chhetri, National Hockey player and Dr. Mikthuk S. Foning, an eminent Horticulturist were honoured with Kaleybung Ratna Puraskar by Kalimpong Press Club. They were felicitated by the Club on its tenth Foundation day cum National Press Day on 16th November 2008 at Ramkrishna Rangamanch.
Senior Citizens’ Quiz Contest was also organized on the day. Prominent retired senior Government Officers, principals, managers, journalists (5ladies and 10 gentlemen) represented the five teams.
It also organized Dorjee Tshering Memorial Chess Championship 2009 on 31st January and 1st February 2009 in Ramkrishna Rangamanch Kalimpong. Kalimpong Press Club organized Dorjee Tshering Memorial Chess Championship 2009 on 31st January and 1st February 2009 in Ramkrishna Rangamanch Kalimpong. 16 participants of all age group participated in the two days contest.
3. These programmes were telecasted live with phone in facility for instant public participation in the programme and allied eminent personalities were invited in the panel for discussion and interaction. These programmes were positively welcomed by the public and were practically very much fruitful resulting public awareness and fruitful follow up. A Media Seminar on Human Trafficking and allied issues was Co-hosted by Kalimpong Press Club and organized by Department of Information and Cultural Affairs on 6th March 3008 in Ramakrishna Rangamanch at Kalimpong.
27 would be Journalists completed a three days’ workshop organized by Kalimpong Press Club. Certificates were distributed to the participants of the workshop by Alvin Lama, Director of Good Shepherd Institute of Hospitality Management on 23rd August during the closing ceremony of the Workshop in Sub Divisional Library. Several speakers spoke on the success of the programme.
In the same manner from 15th March 2007 it is transmitting an informative news programme of 30 minute duration called DAINANDINI now known as NEWS 7 in a channel slot provided by the local cable operator Sky Scan Cable TV Network . On public request this programme is being produced and transmitted daily from the month of March 2008 and telecasted at 7pm and re telecasted at 7am, the next morning.
5. This programme is produced and presented by engaging a few enthusiastic youths working as journalists. Video Cameras and other equipments are provided by well wishers just for the use and they have to be returned whenever requisitioned..
6. A Board constituted by the members of Kalimpong Press Club controls, maintains and supervises it.
7. Altogether there are 5 Persons engaged as full timer while 6 are part timers. Of the full timers there is a Chief Editor, Editor, Reporter, Videographer, News Video Editor. And the part timers include 2 videographers, one Office superintendent one assistant and two news readers. Besides these, two videographers voluntarily help the unit while other members of the club too give their helping hand in need. A few interested persons also send footages and information as news material at their own expenditures.
8. Full timer staff and two news readers are paid a meager amount as honorarium. They get just one fourth of what they should be paid at the least.
9. From commercial advertisements about Rupees five to seven thousand per month is received which is the only source of income. Monthly expenditure towards payment of honorarium and technical and studio expenditures amounts to Rupees twelve to thirteen thousand at the minimum. And on payment of salary to all the persons engaged in producing NEWS 7 will amount to thirty eight thousand.
10. We donot have any other funding agencies to support us financially still we want to continue this news programme along with other informative programmes for the edification of the public of Kalimpong and adjacent 22 villages like Lava, Lolay gaon(Kafer), Algarah, Pedong, Tista, Peshok, Mungpoo etc which is covered by this Cable Network.
11. Presently a few well wishers are contributing it to meet the deficit expenditure.
12. We want to upgrade the quality of production and other infrastructure but due to our limited resource we have to be patient till we get more help from well wishers.
As such we appeal to the well wishers and interested persons to help Kalimpong Press Club to stand in its feet and do what is needful . We call upon the generous persons to donate and contribute a sum so that it can be invested in some project like to earn the required amount at the least for regularly. Investing on a project can be a source of income for the running of News 7 and organizing significant Interactive programmes and seminars
Regarding our proposal and programme, we request everyone to provide us with valuable suggestions, positive ideas and help in any possible manner.
We humbly make an appeal to the well wishers and interested persons to help Kalimpong Press Club to make News 7 stand in its feet and do what is needful. We call upon the generous persons to donate and contribute a sum so that it can be able to serve others utilizing the talents they have for the betterment of the society. On inquiry we will give our bank account number.
We request all to help us with ideas of innovation,in the field of modern technology as most of our equipments and technicians are indigenous and self made with little expertise on the field. We want to expand our field of operation for better opportunity and wider services.
We welcome all kinds of cooperation and assistance.

Kalimpong Press Club